SFTC offers training for the DEFORM® system periodically in their Columbus office.  Training is appropriate for attendees with no DEFORM experience, or for those who would like to sharpen their skills or refresh their knowledge.

The class uses standard training examples to introduce the basic functionality of DEFORM.  Each class also has time set aside for attendees to work on their own part simulations.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own geometry and process data.

For more information on the class, or to register, please contact Caryl Gatton at (614) 451-8330 ext. 100 or via email.

Please check our Events page for upcoming training dates.

Days 1 and 2

Basic 2D/3D training. Introduction to DEFORM for 2D/3D and FORMING EXPRESS (2D) / FORMING EXPRESS (3D) users

Day 3

Advanced training for 2D/3D users

Day 4

Special topics, templates, and modules

Introduction to DEFORM products

Theory of metal forming and finite elements

Geometry definition

Basic meshing and remeshing

Material data

Boundary conditions

Running a simulation

Restarting a simulation / multi-stage forgings

Simulating temperature and temperature change

Press and hammer models

Results interpretation

Tool stress analysis

Elastic plastic material


Thermal and residual stress

Mesh windows

Brick mesh

Heating and cooling simulations

Material removal and fracture

Multiple operations template

Content determined by attendee needs. May include:


Ring rolling

Shape rolling



Advanced heating models (induction / resistance)




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