The DEFORM® system was initially applied to hot forging applications in the 1980’s.  Applications cover the entire range of forged products.  Axisymmetric (round) parts can be simulated, including turbine disks, flanges, upset tubes, shafts and more are routine applications.  Three-dimensional applications include gears, crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, control arms, tracks, yokes, medical implants and more.  DEFORM makes a significant improvement in development time and cost.

Cold forming applications such as fasteners, bearing components, spark plug bodies were reported in the early 1990’s.  Due to the precision nature of the product, even very small defects can be a serious and expensive problem.  Additionally, tool failures resulting from high forming pressure can be analyzed and eliminated using the powerful die stress analysis capability.

Machining simulation was first shown at a DEFORM Users Group Meeting in the late 1980’s by a well-known tooling manufacturer.  Today, DEFORM-3D is the gold standard simulation tool, with the ability to simulate milling, drilling and even tapping!

DEFORM has been a leader in heat treatment and microstructure simulation over the years.  SFTC has been used by leading manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, energy and other fields.  Research projects around the world have used DEFORM as the preferred solution to heat treat simulations.

Complex forming operations such as rivets and staked fasteners are possible in both 2D and 3D simulations.  Mechanical joining requires a robust FEM engine and mesh generator.

Rolling applications range from ring rolling to shape rolling.  Orbital forming, thread rolling, cross wedge rolling and other process are possible as well.

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