This lever forging with flash is shown in the DEFORM-3D postprocessor, which features OpenGL graphics. Note the transparent dies, with an opaque workpiece and punch. Animations can be created that allow one to clearly visualize a complex process such as this one. Additionally, it’s possible to view this through up to six coupled viewports simultaneously. This allows the display of sliced sections, load-stroke curves and a variety of views or variables at once. Of course, the high-quality graphics are most impressive when used to display an interesting simulation. In the case of this lever, the dies form the handle of the lever, with the bottom die in a stationary position and the top die moving down. As the part flashes and closure is obtained, the load increases. At a critical value, the bottom die is pushed down to allow the mounting cylinder to be reverse extruded over the punch. During this process, the workpiece material is always finding the path of least resistance to determine die fill and the final shape. DEFORM has very powerful die movement controls to support a wide range of presses, hammers and sliding (spring loaded) tools. Unlike many oversimplified simulation programs, DEFORM supports multiple moving dies throughout the entire range of product offerings.

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