Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, a world leader in the process simulation of material forming processes, has the following job positions available:

  • Technical Support Specialists: SFTC is seeking candidates to provide technical support to users and distributors of the DEFORM® system.  Daily activities range from product testing, quality assurance, validation, troubleshooting applications, application development, project assignments, customer licensing and training.  Technical support staff regularly interacts with customers and international distributors.  These positions offer a wide range of opportunities, and require the ability to multi-task efficiently in a fast paced environment.  Multiple positions are available for:
    • candidates with advanced engineering degrees (PhD preferred) and a strong FEM background and
    • candidates with applications experience and an engineering degree (MS preferred)
    • candidates with material modeling background and a material science (MS) degree.
  • This position requires excellent communication skills, and is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Research Scientist: Research metallurgical properties and principles applicable to the development of DEFORM software application used to simulate metal forming and heat treatment in the manufacturing process. Assess operational and performance requirements of overall system and evaluate and validate the DEFORM model setup and Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation results. Perform product testing, quality assurance, and troubleshooting procedures for the DEFORM product prior to packaging and release. Apply material properties and critical process conditions for analysis of engineering requirements and feasibility assessment of product and tooling design. Consult with customers concerning maintenance and modification of system and provide engineering assistance to software developers and customers’ engineering staff.
  • Requirements:
    • Master’s degree in Materials Science or related engineering discipline.
    • Knowledge, as demonstrated by six graduate credits, thesis research, or six months of experience (may be gained before/during/after degree) applying the Finite Element Method or Phase Field Method to develop numerical tools for the analysis of metal deformation and heat treatment processes in industrial applications.


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