Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, a world leader in the process simulation of material forming processes, has the following job positions available:

  • Technical Support Specialists: SFTC is seeking qualified candidates to provide technical support to users and distributors of the DEFORM system.  Daily activities range from product testing, quality assurance, validation, support troubleshooting, application development, project assignments, customer licensing and training.  Technical support staff regularly interacts with customers and international distributors via phone, email and web meeting.  The position offers a wide range of opportunities and requires the ability to multi-task efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Click here for more details.
  • Research Scientists: SFTC is seeking qualified candidates who can contribute to the development of finite-element modeling (FEM) based metal forming simulation software, specifically the DEFORM system.  This may include application development to optimize the software for metal forming products and manufacturing processes.  SFTC is looking for candidates:
    • with an advanced degree (Ph.D. or M.S.) in engineering or computer science and
    • with 1-year of experience or two academic courses completed in the following areas:
      • software development methodology and C programming languages,
      • numerical and computational analysis for mechanical engineering applications, and
      • graphical user interface (GUI) development.

Qualified candidates may contact SFTC by email.

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