Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation (SFTC) was incorporated in Ohio in August 1991 by former Battelle employees to provide state of the art process design and analysis technologies to the materials forming industries. SFTC acquired the DEFORM® system from Battelle in October 1991, and is currently supporting hundreds of user sites worldwide. DEFORM is one of the most widely used FEM (Finite Element Method) software for metal forming and die analysis by the industry.

DEFORM serves the aerospace, automotive, off road, general transportation, fastener, oil field, ordnance and many other industries with state of the art simulation capabilities in deformation and die stress analysis. It has been used to solve metal forming problems, optimize processes, and analyze loads and stresses on forming dies for thousands of industrial cases throughout the 1990’s. DEFORM was first released in its 2D workstation version in 1989. In 1993, DEFORM-3D was released to analyze full three dimensional problems on engineering workstations. DEFORM-PC was released in 1994, making this powerful technology available to small to medium sized forming plants.

SFTC staff has extensive experience in developing FEM software to analyze metal forming operations. While at Battelle, SFTC principals developed DEFORM and ALPID. The ALPID program, developed under the funding support from U.S. Air Force, is regarded as the first practical FEM based analysis tool with an industrial user base applied to production metal forming applications.

SFTC staff has more than two decades of industrial experience in forging and extrusion design and development. This experience is applied not only to develop the DEFORM System, but also to support, train and guide the users to solutions that work. In addition, SFTC staff has extensive experience and background in conducting contract research for and providing consultation to both large and small companies.

SFTC is located in Columbus, Ohio and has extensive computing resources for program development and contract research. These include personal computers, workstations and high performance cluster computers. These computers are inter-connected through a high speed local area network.

SFTC also maintains close interactions with leading universities worldwide. As a member of the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC/NSM) at the Ohio State University, SFTC has access to the facilities, staff and other resources of this leading institution.

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